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Caminos del Vino: 3D Virtual Tours were presented through the wineries of Córdoba (Argentina)

Updated: Apr 26

Thousands of travelers choose Córdoba, not only for its mountains, rivers and lakes, but also for other resources; and wine, is currently one of the new reasons that tourists incorporate to choose Córdoba. In that sense, today the “3D Virtual Tours” were presented to 12 wineries in Córdoba.

Based on this initiative, the province's Wine Trails can be traveled virtually. This is technology that is very innovative and attractive, offering the possibility of exploring the interior spaces of each establishment, learning about the wine labels and enjoying the beautiful exterior views that surround each winery and producer.

The 3D Virtual Tours were made using a technology called Matterport, which is a special type of camera for photos and filming that allows scanning the infrastructure of the place with infrared points, recording and capturing 3D and 360º images. Through very powerful software, models can be disseminated almost instantly on websites, social networks, WhatsApp and other online media, allowing the user to have a different, high-quality experience.

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