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Spain, main destination for wedding tourism at an international level

Spain, main destination for wedding tourism at an international level

The wedding sector generates more than 4.3 billion euros a year in Spain alone

With these views our islands have become the main ideal destination to get married. In this Tenerife hotel, weddings take up 15% of the business. Hotels and estates in Mallorca have a full quota of weddings until 2024. 8% of weddings are of foreigners who opt for Spain. Up to 190,000 weddings have come to be celebrated in 2022 compared to almost 150,000 the previous year, with all the business that moves from decoration, photographers, dressmakers, make-up artists, etc. The islands, the Costa del Sol but also Madrid is becoming a favorite destination thanks to institutional support. Madrid is an attractive destination for the climate and also for the locations. A gastronomic, cultural and accessible destination that makes our capital a benchmark in the wedding sector.

2022 record year for weddings: more than 179,000 marriages were celebrated in Spain, the largest number of ties since 2010, according to data from the INE. More and more professionals are dedicated solely and exclusively to the wedding sector: professionalization and the demand for professionals by couples has led to this increase.

According to's 2024 Bridal Sector Report, there is an 8% year-on-year increase in the bridal style category and 20% in the groom's suit, reaching an average investment of €2,320 for them and €1,220 for them.

Once again, Barcelona is preparing to host the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. An event that makes clear the importance of the wedding sector in the country, which moves between 4,300 and 4,800 million euros directly in Spain alone, according to data provided by and the INE. And that it is expected to continue to grow, if you take into account the latest data from the INE and the results of the 2024 Bridal Sector Report, carried out by and which will be published soon, but from what we can already advance that there is an increase in the average expenditure of weddings.

Golden health of the bridal sector in Spain

What data reflect the good state of the bridal sector?

How much money does the wedding sector make: The wedding sector directly generates more than 4.3 billion euros in Spain alone, according to data provided by and the INE. If we take into account the money generated by international honeymoons (in 75% of cases this trip has as its destination an international country, according to the Essential Wedding Book, published by in collaboration with professor of Esade, Carles Torrecilla, and Google), this figure rises to 4,800 million euros, causing a great impact on the economy of Spain and that of the destination countries.

Number of links per year: According to the latest data from the INE, in 2022 more than 179,000 marriages were celebrated in Spain. This data is the largest since 2010. Numbers that have varied throughout these years but which, compared to the figure of 2019, the last year of normal activity for the sector before the pandemic, have seen increased by 7.5%. And despite the fact that weddings postponed by the pandemic are still being celebrated, they are already in the minority.

More and more professionals: The wedding sector is adding more and more professionals dedicated exclusively to weddings. Couples are asking more and more professionals in the wedding sector to organize such an important day as the wedding day. Some data prove it: for example, 74% of Spanish couples choose a place to celebrate the specialized banquet for weddings with its own kitchen or catering or to be chosen by the couple; 78% of brides choose a bridal boutique for their bridal look; or 89% of couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding day. Professionalization and the fact that couples demand more and more professionals for the organization of the wedding has meant that many companies are dedicated solely and exclusively to weddings. There are more than 55,000 companies in the directory alone.

Increase in the number of guests and contracted suppliers: Data from's forthcoming 2024 Wedding Industry Report reflects that couples are increasing the average number of guests and the number of suppliers to contract for your wedding , among other points.

Bridal fashion: there is a growing craze for specialist shops and designers

If we talk about bridal fashion, couples invest a considerable amount in what will be one of the styles they will remember for a lifetime. Specifically, according to the Essential Wedding Book, brides spend an average of €2,150 on the dress and accessories, and more than €400 on accessories for the big day. Although smaller, they also allocate a notable amount for this look: €1,020.

Based on this data, we can already predict that we will see a slight increase in the upcoming Wedding Sector Report 2024 by, in which the last weddings celebrated in 2023 have been analyzed. There is an 8% year-on-year increase in the category bridal look and 20% in a groom's suit, reaching an average investment of €2,320 for women and €1,220 for men.

What attracts the most attention is that more and more brides and grooms opt for unique designs and turn to specialists for their tailoring. In the case of newlyweds, stores specializing in wedding suits are still the favorite option (52%), but the increase in newlyweds who decide to choose to make their suit with a tailor (16%) or with a specific designer stands out (6%).

Brides also don't want to take risks and go to specialist wedding shops (78%) to find their style. In recent years, this option has gone from representing 67% to reaching 78%, according to data from the Essential Wedding Book. In the same way, the specific designers are confederated as the second most demanded option, going from representing 5% to 11%.

All this data helps shape a landscape where the wedding sector is becoming more and more specialized due to the high demand from couples, who are looking for quality, professionalism and zero risks on such an important day for them. And at the same time, an ideal situation for couples who decide to go down the aisle: having thousands of options to create the wedding they really want and have always dreamed of.

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